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This page updated 9 Feb 2024


This page is an index to examples of ORA Templates. My articles on Template Basics, Intermediate Template Methods and Auto Type Templates describe how to create such Templates. Other articles in my ORA Section cover other topics about using the software.

The examples listed below are intended to illustrate some of the methods described in my articles, and may include useful Template segments that readers can incorporate in their own Templates. In each example a complete copy of the Template is provided that can be copied and installed by readers, but it seems likely the explanation of the methods used will actually be of more use to readers.

Some of the Auto Type Template examples are designed to work with my genealogy program, The Master Genealogist (TMG). They can probably be adapted for use in other programs, and the techniques used may be useful in any case.

In each example I explain how the template was intended to be used, the techniques used to construct it, and any limitations. The first time the use of an ORA feature is described its name is formatted as a link to the section of one of the above articles that explains the feature in more detail.

Some Templates are described as suitable as either Text Templates or Auto Type Templates. When used as Auto Type Templates users may choose to add Control sequences to advance between data entry fields in the target application. In some systems Auto Type Templates will successfully operate at higher speeds if the user adds Typing Speed codes. See my article on Auto Type Templates for details.

Other examples of Templates designed for other genealogy programs may also be of interest:


General Examples
Templates for general use
Extracting Place Names - A Template to extract the names of places from a multi-level name field  
Filename - A Template to create a filename to be used when downloading a document image  
Intermediate Templates
Some more complex Templates
1830/1840 US Census - A Template to extract number of persons by age group for census event or citation
FindAGrave Citations - Auto Type Templates to enter "lumper" style TMG Citations for FindAGrave.com   
FindAGrave Events - Auto Type Templates to Death and Burial events in TMG form FindAGrave.com  
Newspapers.com Sources - Auto Type Templates to create "splitter" style TMG Source Definitions for Obituaries and Clippings
Census Sources - Auto Type Templates to create a "splitter" style TMG Source Definition for U.S. Census updated9 Feb 2024
Census Citations - Auto Type Templates to create citations to a TMG Census Source
Census Event - Auto Type Templates to create a TMG Census Tag   updated9 Feb 2024
Census Supplemental Templates - Some supplemental Templates useful in recording census data 
Advanced Templates
Templates for specialized applications
Library Templates - Templates containing segments of code to be used by other Templates   updated9 Feb 2024
1830/1840 US Census -Expanded - Auto Type Template to complete a custom TMG 1830/1840 census Tag
Lynn's Census Memo Templates - Templates that record all census data in a Census Tag memo

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