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Visual Chart Form, commonly called just VCF, is a separate program included with TMG. It is the program that actually creates the Box Charts and Fan Charts when a user specifies them from the Reports menu in TMG. That is, TMG hands off the required data to VCF, which then creates the chart. But VCF is also a very capable editor as well, allowing the user to modify and combine charts in a miriad of ways.

There is a modest section in Terry's TMG Tips that discusses creating, editing and hanging charts. See Creating Charts. However, the real expert in use of VCF is Robin Lamacraft. Robin is a long-time user of TMG and from 2000 to 2013 operated a commercial charting service in Adelaide, Australia, using VCF as his primary tool. Terry's TMG Tips is pleased to host Robin's articles.

Robin's Visual Chart Form Tips is a series of articles addressing various issues and techniques that can help the user make the most effective use of the VCF's considerable capabilities. The articles are listed below:

General Information
Understanding and using VCF
Purpose of a Chart - a chart to suit the needs or audience
Creating Box Charts - specifying a chart in TMG
Data Entry for Charting - consistency and avoiding nuisances
Saving, Exporting, & Printing - handling chart files
Drawing Lines and Shapes - adding lines to your chart
Refining Your Charts
Adding content, and using available features to achieve the results you want
Selecting, Grouping, Editing - basic chart editing techniques
Re-sizing - resizing the charting canvas
Text Limitations - limitations on the text in charts
Line Limitations - limitations on the lines in charts
Person Box - editing the person box content and look
Person Images - using images within boxes on your chart
Adding Images - adding extra images to a chart
Annotating Charts - adding annotations to enhance your chart
Accents and Color Coding - use of accents and other colour-coding
Advanced Techniques
Some advanced techniques I've found useful
Editing Lines & Connectors - editing elastic connecting lines and way points
Multiple Chart Views - overview and detail at the same time
Combining Charts - combining multiple charts on one page
Reshaping Charts - modfying the overall size of charts
Elastic Line Tricks - multi-colored lines
TMG to VCF - how a chart is created

Gallery of Charts
Click the thumbnails to view full-sized charts


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If you need help in finding the best way to apply the program to your application and preferences, I would suggest subscribing to TMG list on RootsWeb, where Robin and other users are always ready to provide help.

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