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This page created 1 Sep 2014

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This article explains a little known or used feature of VCF.

When VCF is opened on chart, then Windows > New Window will open a new window as a copy of the one in focus when the action was initiated. More than 2 windows can be opened on the same chart (limit unknown). Notice that each window title now has a suffix “:1” or“:2” ...

  1. The useful features here are that the Viewing Region Location, Size of and Zoom of all windows can be adjusted independently depending on which window is in focus.
  2. Any edit made in one window will be reflected in the other window.
  3. This enables one window to be set as a global view and one as a magnified editing window.

In this example, the top view is at Zoom 50%, and the bottom view is at Zoom 200%.


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