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Image Digital Size

  1. As VCF imports an image to place on a chart it sizes it at 96 pixels per inch. A 3000 * 2000 digital camera image becomes about 31inches by 21inches. If the chart that you are adding it to is less than this size, VCF will centre the image on the original chart size and then redefine the new canvas size relative to that point.

WARNING: This means that the canvas edges are left and top are in negative space. It is virtually impossible to shrink the image, an impossible to return the top and left canvas edge to zero.

  1. The best alternative is to work with a large size canvas until you are able to resize the images to the size you need them.
  2. Alternatives use the Irfanview to resample them down to about the number of pixels needed for printing at 300 pixels per inch so VCF will initially only show them at 300% magnification. (See Person Images for use of Irfanview)

Image Uses

An image can be used as a:

  1. Faded background (sent to back) behind the chart details. Typically, this is used on presentation or permanent framed charts with a lot of other annotations.
  2. Group photograph with annotations to the persons boxes on the chart.
  3. Photograph of a building or an emigration ship of significance to the family, etc

Image Quality

Do not try to over enlarge a poor quality photograph. Screen prints from old newspapers are not good to enlarge unless you are seeking an artistic effect. In many cases, it worthwhile to use Photoshop, etc to clean up mould stains, and minor damage if you want to use such photographs.

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