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This page Updated 3 Mar 2021



Articles which are new or updated within the last six months in the site:

  Date Article
updated 3 Mar 2021 FindAGrave Events - Auto Type Templates to Death and Burial events in TMG form FindAGrave.com
updated 2 Feb 2021 Newspapers.com Sources - Auto Type Templates to create "splitter" style TMG Source Definitions for Obituaries and Clippings
new 30 Dec 2020 Lynn's Census Memo Templates - Templates that record all census data in a Census Tag memo
updated 30 Dec 2020 Using ORA with Census Records - A method for using ORA Templates for census records
updated 30 Dec 2020 Template Examples - Examples of Templates using the methods described in other articles
new 30 Dec 2020 Advanced Template Methods - methods useful in constructing more complex Templates
updated 30 Dec 2020 Intermediate Template Methods - Some more complex Templates to format the data as you prefer
updated 15 Oct 2020 Auto Type Templates - Having ORA enter the data into your genealogy program itself
updated 7 Oct 2020 FindAGrave Citations - Auto Type Templates to enter "lumper" style TMG Citations for FindAGrave.com
updated 7 Oct 2020 Census Sources - Auto Type Templates to create a "splitter" style TMG Source Definition for U.S. Census
updated 7 Oct 2020 Filename - A Template to create a filename to be used when downloading a document image
updated 7 Oct 2020 Transforms - Some tools to transform the data items collected into your prefered format

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