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This page Updated 24 Jun 2019



Articles which are new or updated within the last six months in the site:

  Date Article
new 24 Jun 2019 Using Gedcom Publisher to Share Your Genealogical Data - ToC for Gedcom Publisher section
new 24 Jun 2019 The Basics of e-books - Understanding what e-books are
new 24 Jun 2019 Getting Started - The basic steps to creating an e-book with Gedcom Publisher
new 24 Jun 2019 Page Content - adding images, links and more to your main page and custom pages
new 24 Jun 2019 Controlling Who is Included - controlling who is included in the book, and in each chapter
new 24 Jun 2019 Creating a Custom Cover Image - creating a custom cover for your book
new 24 Jun 2019 Custom "Front Matter" Pages - creating a separate credits page, preface, etc.
new 24 Jun 2019 Excluding People with TMG Flags - fine-tuning who is excluded by use of TMG Flags
new 24 Jun 2019 Creating User Styles - customizing the appearance of the book with User Styles, using the Element Inspector as an aid

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