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Customizing Your Tags

This page updated 10 Jul 2014

Version note: Applies to TMG 8 & 9

TMG uses Tags to record almost everything about each person in your Data Set. It may be helpful to think of each person you record as initially being defined only by an ID number, which TMG assigns automatically. It is the Tags that bring the person "to life" by adding one or more names, connections to parents and children, defining all manner of events, from birth to death, and endless possibilities in between. These Tags hold the information that is displayed on screen, and which is the source of the reports you may generate.

TMG considers Tags to be in Several Groups:

TMG comes with a large number of default Tag Types to record various events. It also provides the user the option to create custom Tag Types to suit his or her preferences. Listed below are articles describing how to customize Tags and Tag Types, and a few custom Tag Types that I have found useful to add to those supplied with the program:

General Information
Editing and creating Tags and Tag Types in TMG
Modifying Tag Sentence Structures - tips on editing Sentences
Sentence Variables - lists of available Sentence variables and their meanings
Sentence Preview - seeing how your tags will output in narrative reports
Sentence Variables for People - the three different types of Variables used to refer to people
Using Roles - more options for controlling sentences
Combining Output Sentences - making two tags produce a single output sentence
Using Reminders - aids to entering data in standard and custom tags
Creating Flowing Narratives - combining techniques for better narratives
Export/Import of Tag Types - copying Tag Types to another Data Set
Changes in Role Variables - new behavior of Role Variables with TMG 9.02
Special-Purpose Codes and Tag Types
Working with special Codes and Tag Types to Enhance Your Reports
The NarrativeChildren Tag - customizing the "children of" Statement
JournalIntro and JournalConclusion Tags - adding introductory and conclusion sections
Centering and Indenting Text - displaying quotes "properly"
Terry's Custom Tag Types
Some custom Tag Types I have found useful
Alt-Tags - dealing with conflicting dates and places
Census Tag - Basic - entering all members of the household in one tag
Census Tag - Expanded 1850 & Later - listing everyone in the Head of Household's narrative
Census Tag - Expanded Before 1850 - dealing with unnamed household members
Multiple Marriages - adding the traditional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd labels and repeat marriages
Will Tag - including the executor, heirs, and those "mentioned"
Miscellaneous Tags - research notes and the like

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