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Customizing Your Site - Examples

This page updated 13 Jul 2011

Version note: Applies to Second Site 3 & 4

My Overview of Second Site article describes some basic steps creating a personalized website. My Customizing Themes article provides further details on ways to "fine tune" the appearance of your site to get it exactly as you prefer. In this series of articles I provide some specific examples of ways I have used the techniques described in those articles to produce exactly the site I wanted.

My objective was to match the appearance of the other pages on my personal website, which are very similar to those on this website. An example of the results can be seen in my Family History pages. While you may want different results, these examples may illustrate methods you may find useful. Because some of the example are lengthy, and many users will likely be interested in only a few of them, I have divided the subject into four separate articles, as follows:

Stylesheet Settings - modifying your selected Theme, or creating your own look, by using options in the Stylesheets section updated
User Styles - more on using Styles, for advanced users updated
Other Options - some suggestions in the Data, Pages, and Layouts sections
Phrases and Icons - customizing phrases, and adding a custom Icon to your site

There are lots of ways to customize your webpages. How much you might choose to do depends on how much time you want to spend on the project, how picky you are, and what resources you have available. Hopefully, some of the ideas offered in these article will be helpful in creating a set of webpages that meet your needs.

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