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TMG's Language Capability

This page updated 19 Apr 2008

Version note: Applies to TMG 8 & 9

TMG has has extensive facilities for working in multiple languages. The program ships with translations for several languages and also has provision for users to modify those languages or create their own. With these features users can:

The Language capability is made up of a complex set of features. Just which of those you might need to utilize depends on your objective. The articles listed below are intended to help users with various objectives use those features to achieve their desired results. The first article, "Overview," includes a chart to help you decide which steps are required to achieve your language objective, with links to the articles describing those steps.

Language Overview - understanding the overall capabilities
TMG Upgrades and Re-Installs - issues using Language features
Selecting & Editing Languages - choosing and customizing Languages
Sentences & Reports - setting up for reports in your Language
Data Entry - issues when entering data in a Language other than English updated
Custom Reports - using a custom Language to create specialized report output
Multiple Languages - issues when using more than one Language
Language in Second Site - Language issues when creating a website with Second Site

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