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An Overview of TMG's Language Capability

This page created 5 May 2006

Version note: Applies to TMG 8 & 9

This article provides a general overview of TMG's Language capabilities, hopefully to create a framework to aid the reader in choosing and applying the specific features required to achieve his or her language objectives.

Other articles, found on the main Languages page, or linked in appropriate places below, provide more detail in using specific features.

The Language feature allows TMG to display all menus and screens in the selected language, and/or to create reports using a selected language. Note that TMG does not undertake to translate any data you enter to another language (other than regular dates). All data you enter will be output in the language in which it was entered, but the phrases created by the report format will be in the selected language.

A "Language" can be:

The Two Parts of TMG's Language Management Capability

The Language capability offered in TMG provides two distinct, but related, areas where Languages can be used. They are:

You may choose to use either or both of these features to meet your language needs. The table below is designed to help find the discussion of the features used for applications.

Choosing the Features for Your Task

Exactly which of the Language features might be useful to you depend on what task you might have in mind. The following suggestions may help:

Objective: Operate the program and create reports in a Language other than English(U.S.)
Objective: Modify specific terms in the interface or reports

If you use English(U.S.)

If you use any other Language

  • Edit your selected Language
Objective: Create a specially formatted narrative report or website
Objective: Create reports in a language other than the one you normally use in TMG

Language Issues in Program Upgrade or Re-Install

If you make custom translations of any standard Language, or create a custom Language either to modify certain phrases or to create custom Sentences, you need to be aware of issues than can cause loss of your work by installation of an upgrade to your current version of TMG, by installing a new version of TMG, or by installing TMG on a new computer. See my article on Language Issues in Program Upgrade or Re-Install for instructions on how to avoid these issues.

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