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This page updated 9 Jul 2007

Version note: Applies to TMG 8 & 9 and Second Site 4 & 5

I have created a Sample of a website one might create to share genealogical information with family members. This sample was created with John Cardinal's Second Site program, from data recorded in TMG. See my articles on Using Second Site for more information on how to use that program. Second Site can be used to create webpages for posting to a website or to be copied to a CD which is then sent to your recipients. Because of the personalization in this Sample, it would typically be sent to an individual rather than posted publicly on the Internet.

This Sample was designed to demonstrate use of three features of Second Site one might use to construct a set of webpages for distribution on CD to family members:

Second Site can produce pages in a wide variety of styles and formats. I've chosen the "Side-by-Side" Theme for this Sample because the various indexes are always visible on the left side of the pages while viewing the details in the main section. The actual data for each person is in the "Narrative" Format, rather than bullet points or other formats, because I think it's easier for most readers, especially if you have collected enough information about the people to make interesting text. (And if you haven't, who is going to want to read the site anyway?)

To see the Sample site, Click this Link.

This example website is based on the Sample Project distributed with TMG, with a one invented person added to demonstrate the index method. The index descriptions were invented by the author for illustration purposes and may have little relationship to the original information provided by Wholly Genes.


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