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This page updated 19 Mar 2022


Some other resources for help using TMG:

Wholly Genes Support Forum The official support forum for TMG is no longer monitored by Wholly Genes staff but is supported by a number of experienced users. You can still post questions and receive responses from other users. This seems to be the best place for questions when TMG doesn't work as you expect.
TMG - List An e-mail list for users of TMG to discuss any subject related to use of TMG. This seems to be the best place for questions about the "best way" to do anything in TMG. Subscribe to the list at The Master Genealogist Email Support List.

The list was previously hosted by Rootsweb. The archives for the old list can still be searched or browsed at Rootsweb.

Michael Hannah's website Two sections of Michael's website are of particular interest to TMG users:

His online book, My Way, describes Michael's methods for using TMG, and provides methods for dealing with a number of issues users encounter as they record their family history.

His List of Outstanding Bugs describes bugs he has found in the last version of TMG, and suggests work-arounds for each one.

Lee Hoffman's TMG Tips Page Here you will also find additional helpful information on using TMG, as well as links to tips posted by lots of other helpful people.
DeAnna Burghart's Cheat Sheets A handy list of commonly-used codes, variables, and shortcuts, suitable for printing if desired.
A Primer for The Master Genealogist - my book What I think is the best guide for new users, and those looking for help with the basics of using TMG.

Some resources for John Cardinal's Second Site program, which creates marvelous websites from your TMG data:

The Second Site website John Cardinal's very helpful and comprehensive website.
Second Site support list The official support list for Second Site users.
Gallery of Websites Keith Winters' gallery of over 300 sites created with Second Site – a great way to see the possibilities.

Some resources for John Cardinal's Gedcom Publisher program, which creates great digital books from your TMG data:

The Gedcom Publisher website John Cardinal's Gedcom Publisher website.
Gedcom Publisher support list The official support list for Gedcom Publisher users.

Some resources for John Cardinal's TMG to GEDCOM program, which creates better and much quicker GEDCOM exports from your TMG data than TMG's internal export feature:

The TMG to GEDCOM website John Cardinal's TMG to GEDCOM website.
TMG to GEDCOM support list The official support list for TMG to GEDCOM users.

There are many TMG user groups that meet periodically in which users can exchange ideas about the use of the program and often hear presentations on the program or related genealogical issues. Many of them also periodically include dicussions on the use of Second Site. The Wholly Genes forum includes a section identifying groups in various locations around the world. With the discontinuance of developement of TMG it is likely that some of the groups listed are no longer active.

Some user groups now use remote access systems to allow users far from their meeting location to particpate in their meetings. The following groups have identified themselves as providing remote access. Click on their names in the first column to see details on their websites.

ROOTS Users Group of Arlington, VA Generally meets the second Saturday of the month except possibly one month in winter and one month in summer. Remote connections are open to all.



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