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Macros to Format TMG Reports - Older Versions of Word

This page updated 21 Feb 2010


This article describes how to I created a macro in Microsoft Word 97 to apply additional formatting to reports created in TMG. For further background on this subject, please see my more current article.

If you are not familiar with recording macros in MSWord, my article on Recording Macros in MSWord97 may help.

Steps to Record a Sample Macro

The specific steps that you would record depend on exactly what you want to accomplish. The steps below are those required to make the formatting changes I commonly make. They illustrate a number of useful techniques, and should be helpful as a guide in creating your own sequence of steps.

These instructions use the commands in MSWord97; minor adjustments may be required for other versions of Word up until Word 2007, in which major changes were made in Word's user interface. If you are using Word 2007 or later, please see my more current article on using macros.

A. Adjust Margins and Footer Spacing

B. Change Generation One, Two, etc. to Underlined

C. Delete the Extra Spacing After the Headings

D. Remove the Blank Lines Before and After the Report Title

E. Add the Footer

Rather than editing the footer generated by TMG, I turn off footers in the Report Definition screen, and create it from scratch in the macro.

F. Format the Endnotes


Credits – Thanks to Cheri Casper, who developed the outline of steps I used as a basis for this article.

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