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Creating a Custom Source Type

This page updated 30 Aug 2003

Version note: Applies to TMG 8 & 9

This article covers the more advanced aspects of customizing sources — creating custom Source Types. The more basic aspects of editing of Source Output Templates is discussed in the article Working with Source Templates.

Use the Custom Source Category

You must have the Custom Source Category selected (Preferences > Current Project Options > Other) to create any custom Source Types. This is the default setting for new projects, so generally it will already be selected. But if you have imported an older Data Set or changed your setting you may have another Category selected. To change the Category, use the File > Preferences menu to open the Preferences screen, then click on the Other section under Current Project Options in the left pane. In top drop-down on that screen, labeled Source Categories, select Custom. Then click OK to exit Preferences.

Caution If you have the Mills or Lackey Categories selected, and you have previously customized any of the Output Templates of the default Source Types, you must be very careful when you change to the Custom Category to avoid losing your previous customizations. (This does not apply to Output Templates customized in individual Source Definitions, only to those for Source Types.) Immediately after changing the Source Category in Preferences, before making any new changes to Source Types, you must "Initialize" your Source Types back to your previous state. To do this, go to the Source Types screen (Tools > Source Types) and click the Initialize button. Then choose the same style you previously used, either Mills or Lackey. After you do this, do not Initialize again after you make any new changes to any Source Type because those changes will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Creating Custom Source Types

Once you have verified that you have the Custom Source Category set, you are ready to start creating custom Source Types. There are a number of procedures that can be used. I describe here the one I have found works best for me.

Select the copy and click the Edit button to access Edit Source Type screen. Change the name to what you want the name of your new Source Type to be. While you could edit the templates here, I don't think this is the best place to do that. Click OK until you are back to the main screen.

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