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I use what I think is the best genealogy program made, The Master Genealogist,* by Wholly Genes Software. To learn why see my Why TMG? article, scan through some of the other articles on this site, or check it out the website of Wholly Genes Software, the manufacturer.    

This site contains over 100 articles about TMG on topics ranging from understanding the basics, to providing suggestions on using the customization features to achieve the results you want, to more advanced topics. There are also some suggestions on using companion products to complement TMG's built-in capabilities.

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The Second Edition of my sell-out book, A Primer for The Master Genealogist, is now available.

Details are can be seen here.


Terry's TMG Tips

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About the German edition of Terry's TMG Tips
Thanks to the tireless efforts of Vera Nagel, an experienced TMG user in Germany, this site is being translated into German. The site is extensive, and thus the effort considerable, so pages in German will become available gradually. Those articles currently available in German are marked with the symbol above at the upper left corner of each page.

*The Master Genealogist is a trademark of Wholly Genes, Inc.

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